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Point Blank Games and 505 Games are collaborating on Stray Blade, an action RPG set to release sometime next year for PC and consoles. The game combines world exploration with an intense combat system similar to that of Dark Souls games.

In Stray Blade, players take on the role of an adventurer who sets out to explore the ancient valley of Acrea with friend Boji. The game is about revealing the history of this forgotten valley torn by war and controlling certain forces with the aim of restoring peace and balance. Ancient ruins, deserts and frozen caves will be visited, for example, to collect some rare items, recipes and weapons. The world will also change based on the player’s actions. For example, if a victory is achieved somewhere, then it will be noticeable in that place.

The developer talks about a “Responsive Combat System” that allows players to manipulate the battles with quick reflexes and targeted attacks. It is important to correctly anticipate attacks from opponents in the blink of an eye, in the form of sword-to-sword reactions.

In addition to these “spirit-like battles”, according to the makers, Stray Blade also revolves around metroidvaniaelements. The latter refers to a large world in which the player can discover where everything is connected. Certain parts of this world will not become available until the player acquires certain skills or knowledge. The game also features specific backtracking skills to discover previously unavailable areas.

Publisher 505 Games has not announced an exact release date and only mentioned 2022. Stray Blade will be released steam, In the Epic Games Store It will be released for Xbox Series X, S and PlayStation 5.

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