Why does this picture move Andre Van Doyen so much | stars

Why does this picture move Andre Van Doyen so much |  stars

Andre gets fired up in full when William shows off his picture with his great love Martin together at a TV show. William explains that he was shocked to learn a few months later of Martin’s death. “Obviously, this was your last outing,” William concludes. Andre answers in the affirmative: “It was, of course, one of the last moments we were in public.”

When asked to describe his relationship, Andrei said, “We were always together 24/7. Martin was always there. He was just my shadow. We’ve been together for 18 years and they’ve been just beautiful years.”

What’s the best thing Martin gave him? “Just set the record straight, it’s just a game, we’re just in the world for a while. He answers. André explains that he has a good circle of friends around who take care of him and that he has a lot of distractions from his work.”

André also reveals his desire to donate his body to science, just like his sweetheart. “Being in such a hole is not very pleasant and I also think it is a shame to set it on fire. The photos I have at home give me more support,” says Andrei.

Delivery on a sensitive plate With André van Duin can be seen on Wednesday nights at 9:30pm on SBS6.

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