SteamWorld’s sci-fi adventure game The Gunk to be released in December – Gaming – News

Developer Image & Form will launch the 3D adventure game The Gunk in December. In the game, the player lands on a planet that has been taken over by a sticky parasite that needs to be cleaned up. It is the first 3D game from the developer who previously made SteamWorld Games.

in a the game Players take on the role of Rani, who travels the galaxy with Bex in search of resources to sell. The duo have landed on a planet where an unknown sticky substance appears to be taking over the world and could be worth a lot of money. In the game, Rani tries to remove the dust, which also makes the planet more beautiful.

Image & Form The Gunk summons a story-driven sci-fi exploration game. The game world consists of different areas, such as a rocky area, a forest area, and a cave area. Rani is given a type of glove that will allow her to remove the goo and continue navigating through the game world.

Gunk will be released in December for Xbox One, Xbox Series consoles, and PC. On Xbox One, the game runs at 30fps, while it can run at 60fps and up to 4K on series hardware and PCs. The game uses Unreal Engine 4 and was developed with Microsoft. Gunk also supports Smart Delivery which is the title of Xbox Play Anywhere and Game Pass. It is the first 3D game from Image & Form, which was previously D2d – SteamWorld Games made.

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