Northsea Jazz Veteran Ball: Buddy Guy sweeps Van Morrison off the field | Displays

Northsea Jazz Veteran Ball: Buddy Guy sweeps Van Morrison off the field |  Displays

Friday is the North Sea Jazz Great Hall’s Veterans’ Ball, a ball that turns into an unfair fight. Blues legend Buddy Guy (86) metaphorically wipes ground on Ahoy with Van Morrison (77), who also loses out to his backing singer.

Watch him go up, in his dungarees. A white hat on his head, a yellow guitar tightly strapped and a cheerful smile on his face. Buddy Guy, Sun The last steadfast men From his generation of blues heroes. He’s 86 and takes the stage at Ahoy City’s Mass Ballroom, where he’s played opposite another legend, Van Morrison.

Its climb is less impressive. Unsurprisingly, the Irishman is known for being a snob and not exactly fun to play. This is no different in Ahoy. Van Morrison (77) proves once again that he is the king of the uninspired class. Skinny-clad with his inevitable hat and mirrored sunglasses, the Irishman puts on an extended five-quarter hour show that, in and of itself, is pretty solid. Without his big hits, but with an excellent troupe, which seems a little anxious at times. But what do you want with an eccentric foreman.

The last round

Then Buddy Guy, who makes his guitar howl from the start like his life depended on it. That’s probably almost the case, for an 86-year-old who should be his last outing. On Ahoy, it honors deceased colleagues such as Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, and BB King. He is mischievous despite his age, playing the guitar with his bottom, with a drum stick and a towel. And meanwhile, bring the blues as it was heard in the Mississippi Delta for many decades.

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Van Morrison poses for Buddy Guy on the stage of the Maaszaal Theatre © Marcel Wagner

With Van Morrison, the audience is there for the bacon and beans, but you get that feeling every now and then with his band members. Not that they rush about their work – on the contrary – but the great foreman seems bored during the solos of his band members, as if he were waiting for the bus. However, in the moments when he sings and shows off his amazing, still gorgeous voice, it all suits him. Only the soul is missing, in fact the familiar flaw with Van Morrison, however talented he may be.

Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and Keith Richards

It’s a show Buddy Guy would have looked at with horror. The aging American, the muse of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Keith Richards, was in touch with his fans from the very first moment. He trusts those present, almost when he sings, plays and jokes for an hour and a half. He was even emotional for a moment, you can hear it in his voice when he sings the song Deep skin He introduces a song that has skin color as its theme.

These feelings are miles away from Van Morrison. Stoically working through his repertoire, he steps off the stage and returns for the closing number Blues anxiety man. Might he make him think that the audience only gets excited when he leaves the stage for good? Because the background singer who looks sullenly at her boss throughout the performance takes on the exterior Blues anxiety man Her chance and her voice are wild. For the first time, the audience becomes exuberant, rewarding it with cheers and applause. The man himself is already in the wings. Maybe he didn’t get it.

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Buddy Guy will be the worst. The Blues show their smile again at the end of their great show. A little earlier he played the guitar with his buttocks, a scoundrel in an old man’s body. He says goodbye to Ahoy by throwing some guitar into the room. Ahoy at his feet. With him yes.

Friends having fun with the crowd
Friends having fun with the crowd © Marcel Wagner

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