Comedian Najib Amhali: ‘Six trucks loaded with aid are on their way to Morocco’ | Displays

Comedian Najib Amhali: 'Six trucks loaded with aid are on their way to Morocco' |  Displays

EarthquakeAfter a few days of hard work, six trucks full of aid are on their way to Morocco. “Tents, mattresses and medical supplies go to our local partners in Morocco,” Najib Amhali wrote on Instagram. The comedian started a fundraising campaign last weekend right after the earthquake struck the country. Several mosques in the Netherlands also paid extra attention to the disaster on Friday.

The earthquake caused major damage in an area north of the city of Marrakesh, killing about three thousand people. “Morocco Aid: Result so far” Six trucks containing tents, mattresses, beds, flashlights, medical supplies, sleeping bags, generators and diapers. The volunteers worked hard to achieve this great result. We are very grateful for all the donations and your efforts,” Amhali wrote.

The procedure was set up on its own Najeeb Foundation, In cooperation with Najiba Foundation, Winning Wheels Foundation and Winning Wheels Morocco. “Villages in the region have been particularly hard hit, displacing many people,” the organizations wrote.

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In many other places in the Netherlands, mosques paid great attention to the earthquake that struck Morocco during Friday prayers. Several mosques also organized campaigns to collect donations for the victims.

The Sunna Mosque in The Hague was busier than other Fridays, says board chairman Abdul Hamid Taheri. According to him, a few thousand people visited the mosque in the afternoon, and many of them attended the fundraising event. He says the mosque only collects money, not goods. “With things, you never know if they will arrive in good condition and if they are really needed. You can also buy most of them in Morocco.


Al-Tahiri says that the money will be spent through an organization in Morocco that the mosque has worked with for years and knows the affected area well. This is also one of the reasons why the mosque has not yet organized a fundraising campaign for flood victims in Libya. “Collecting is easy, but you also have to make sure the money is going to the right place.” He was unable to determine the number of donations the mosque received on Friday. The show continues until Sunday evening. “Then we have to start counting.”

In Leiden, services at Imam Malik Mosque and Hijra Mosque were also well attended. The speeches discussed the earthquake in detail and also paid great attention to relief efforts from the Netherlands. Both mosques are also raising money for earthquake victims. Al-Hijra Mosque will hold a charity evening on Friday evening, and Imam Malik Mosque will hold a charity evening next Friday.

Mosques in Amsterdam and Rotterdam are also raising money. The Association of Moroccan Mosques in the South Netherlands will hold a gathering evening on Friday and Saturday at Al-Fath Mosque in Bergchenhoek, near Rotterdam.

Fundraising campaign during Friday prayers at the Sunna Mosque in The Hague. During the prayer, the victims of the Moroccan earthquake were remembered. © National Ports Agency

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