Frank wins briefs from Rogier: ‘I couldn’t pay for coffee yet’

Frank wins briefs from Rogier: 'I couldn't pay for coffee yet'

Frank told the newspaper that a few weeks ago he was suddenly visited by a warden: “Roger has been demanding money from me and I’ve been from him for a while. I think, I’m pretty sure I’m within my rights as far as my demands are. Roger thinks differently about it. It seems he’s afraid I’ll lock up part From my bank balance, it has been taken.”

He continues, “Since then, I haven’t been able to pay for a cup of coffee. Fortunately, there were a number of people in the immediate vicinity who didn’t leave me to my fate. They helped me out for a while.”

Fortunately, the judge has now ruled in Frank’s favour, and should soon be able to access his accounts again: “The judge ruled that all attachments should be lifted immediately, so I can access my money again from now on. Roger shows I’ve acted incorrectly. against me. And my lawyer had said it right away, when my bank accounts were blocked and I was in a panic.”

The two also talked for a while, but that wasn’t a nice conversation. “After the briefing, I exchanged a few words with him outside the courtroom. It wasn’t a pleasant conversation. I just got hateful notes in my head and I can handle that. It doesn’t keep me awake. But it stays. It’s such a shame that we now treat each other like that.” The newspaper asked Roger to respond, but he refused.

The two have been squabbling with each other for months, not only to settle their divorce, but also because of a visitation agreement with their dog Coco. Entertainment expert Aran Bed Roger recently visited and there he told the whole story.

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