Friends dress don’t want a picture with him on the beach: ‘You look good’

Friends dress don't want a picture with him on the beach: 'You look good'

Dries still does his best every day to look great. In fact, he spends so much time on his appearance that his friends don’t want to take a picture with him on the beach. “They don’t understand how good I can look at my age,” explains Dries.

Since Dries stopped playing football 35 years ago, he has been concerned with his appearance. Then he met a man with a “great personality”. This is what Driss wanted to look like.

The singer is still very satisfied with his body when he sees himself in the mirror. But his friends are a little afraid of it. “When I go to the beach at 63 with my friends who are under ten, they never want to be in a picture with me.” Or could it be a yellow swimsuit?

Even though Dries’ friends don’t want to take pictures with him, there are plenty of fans out there who want to take a picture with him. Everywhere I go people are yelling ‘Dry!’ “For me. Or they ask me why I don’t wear my yellow swimming trunks.”

At the end of last year, Dries had another grandson. In October 2021, his granddaughter Dean, son of Dave and Jaslyn, was born. He’s a very proud grandfather, Dries told RTL Boulevard. In the video below he talks about his new role.

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