December 6, 2022

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'No Time to Die' review: 'Daniel Craig as 007 gets a good score'

‘No Time to Die’ review: ‘Daniel Craig as 007 gets a good score’

Filmtotaal 4 has new reviews of the films that will premiere in Dutch cinemas this week. If you want to know where you can watch these movies, use our site cinema schedule.Review: No time to die (2021)

Director: Curry Fukunaga | spit: Daniel CraigAnd Anna armsAnd Rami MalekAnd Leah Seydoux

.. “The fifth and final time that Daniel Craig has taken on the role of James Bond delivers a long, but dignified result.” …

Read full audit No time to die Written by Arjan Wells.

Review: no. 10 (2021)

Director: Alex Van Warmerdam | spit: Tom de WhispilariAnd Frieda BarnhardAnd Hans KestingAnd Annick Pfeiffer

“Alex van Warmerdam’s tenth film transcends all genres and plays cleverly with the expectations of the viewer.” …

Read full audit ‘No. 10’ Written by Tom van der Kriek.

Review: My dad is an airplane (2021)

Director: Antoinette Beaumer | spit: Pierre BockmaAnd Thor BrownAnd Axel DesselerAnd Martin Heijmans

.. “Not a children’s movie. It is clearly not a children’s movie”…

Read full audit Dad is a plane Written by Rod Voss.

Recensie: The Girl and the Spider (2021)

Director: Ramon ZurcherAnd Sylvain Zurcher | spit: Henriette ConforiusAnd Lillian is deadAnd Orsina LardyAnd Florine Geiger

.. “Kammerspiel is elegant but aloof from parting roommates.” …

Read full audit girl and spider Written by Seal Smith.

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