Nikkei: Apple limits iPhone SE production due to disappointing demand – tablets and phones – news

Most boring hardware has been the iPhone and this big bezel-less tablet for years and yet it’s safe to play, because a brand like BlackBerry created the genius and most special hardware and it was so early with the news OS without the home button that it did. Do not do it.

Another issue is the same software that is on every device so if you are going to buy iPhone 13 mini it is no different from iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 11 vs iPhone 13 etc. So you also see that customers choose an older, cheaper version or choose a good, one-year-old used version.

It is simply known and provides comfort and confidence and I think this is really important to many people who are the users who don’t want to do anything else and then also have all kinds of expensive apple products based on that and so they have already been completely swallowed up by the ecosystem and therefore can’t do nothing else.

Not only does Samsung succeed in this and that is precisely Apple’s marketing, but also the convenience of the user who no longer wants to search further and has to start everything over. Nice, monotonous and mind-blowing because it works like the previous versions and therefore has been tested and robust due to long support with an ecosystem that you can no longer avoid and that too is comforting for many people.

It’s not to insult iPhone users, but it’s an opinion and if I have to say when Apple’s last special device came out, it’s the iPhone X from 2017 in terms of design and innovation.

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