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Is there any serious market for the keyboard yet?

If done correctly then at all.

I can remember writing a lot of code on my BlackBerry (Bold 9900, and before that My Torch 9800) while on vacation outside of an emergency situation. You don’t do that on Android, because the touch keyboard can only be used (as far as I’m concerned) due to the patches getting smarter.
On my Blackberry I also typed 3 times faster without errors than I do on a touch screen even 10 years later.

Plus, I really liked it, the cool buttons with a real click on them and then the little touch scroll wheel for the interface with the touch screen for fun, it was a much better experience than I have on Android now.

I remember when HTC Hero (one of the first real Android phones) also had such a ball and that was cool, I really miss it nowadays.

Aside from the fact that I love it as a consumer, there is certainly still a huge gap in the business market for a phone that works simply, intuitively, and can also be used with gloves or dirty hands, and that supports everything you want. Expected (like WhatsApp and Teams) but no weird frills.

If the Key2 was more affordable and/or had better specs and more updates, I would have bought it now just for the keyboard. But if they can make something that’s just a Bold 9900, Key2 or Unihertz Titan but with decent specs (ie a mid-range or high-end camera SOC, 5G or 64 + GB) then I’m hooked.

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