Hunger threatens Horn of Africa, too little money for aid due to ‘competitive disasters’

Hunger threatens Horn of Africa, too little money for aid due to 'competitive disasters'

Corona crisis, devastating locust plague, soaring food prices, ongoing conflict and drought, due in part to climate change: the Horn of Africa is taking one hit after another. More than thirteen million people have too little to eat.

But there is not enough money to help these people, says the United Nations World Food Organization. This relates to the fact that other crisis areas also require attention and need assistance, such as Yemen and Ukraine.

seven cows

Years ago, in the village of Shuli in northern Kenya, they owned thousands of cows, sheep, goats and camels. Now only seven cows walk in the village in search of a blade of grass. They only find old cardboard to chew on. Animals have skins and bones. In the morning, they can get up and stand on their feet only with the help of the owner, they are very weak.

Because there is nothing to eat and nothing to drink. In the far fringes, all pools of water are empty. “We keep our last animals alive by making corn porridge for them, and we give them water that we truck from the city,” said Daoud Muhammad, one of the village elders. “This is the worst drought I’ve seen in over 50 years of my life.”

In the dry region, the consequences are visible everywhere, the despondency is palpable. We went to see:

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