Winter weather covers part of the United States | Abroad

Winter weather covers part of the United States |  Abroad

The winter storm brought snow and wind speeds of over 31 miles per hour across much of Central America. Elsewhere, heavy rains lashed the roads, causing severe cold. The Met Office said low temperatures would continue for a few more days. The ‘big, lasting and significant’ storm will move through the Northeast in the coming days.

Thursday, step Washington Post More than 250,000 households in the states of Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, Ohio and Kentucky are without electricity. In many places, these electrical problems are the result of snow and ice or fallen trees on overhead power lines.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott says his state’s power grid is “fully operational and reliable.” Last winter, the winter weather phase paralyzed, leaving millions of Texans without electricity.

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More than 5,500 flights were canceled on Thursday, accounting for 10 percent of the total number of flights in the United States in a single day. Since the onset of the corona epidemic in April 2020, there have been no such severe disruptions. Thousands of Americans are stranded at airports. Dallas, one of Texas’ largest cities, was particularly hard hit by more than 1,100 canceled flights. Airport runways are covered with snow and ice.

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