Nelson Cruz hits controversial home race that hurts Red Sox

Nelson Cruz hits controversial home race that hurts Red Sox

The ball may have landed at second base, but Nelson Cruz still received a home run. Thanks to an odd whim at Tropicana Field, the Cruz extended the Tampa Bay Rays’ lead over the Boston Red Sox in Game 1 of the MLS Series on Thursday.

Cruz’s controversial explosion occurred in the third inning. With the Rays already 2-0 up, Cruz tied a hanging passer bar from Nick Pevita to left field. Two Boston Red Sox players tracked the ball to a wall. For a moment, it looked like Cruz had missed the race on his home ground. Next, the ball fell to the ground about 10 yards in front of both players. Despite this, he was judged to be a race at home.

how is that possible? Blame it on Tropicana Field.

Fox Sports announcers are initially confused, but soon find out what happened. Cruz hit the ball so high that it bounced off a podium at Tropicana Field. The park has several platform rings that circle the entire stadium.

The one that Cruz hit was either the C or the D-Ring. Which ball hits those rings? Automatically ruled the home run, according to Rays.

A struck ball hitting any of the lower platform (known as the “C-Ring” and “D-Ring”), including any lights or hanging objects attached to any of those platforms as well as any angled support bars connecting the “C-Ring” on the masts Which supports “D-Ring” in a fair area: Home Run.

With that hit, Cruz, 41, became the second-oldest player to hit home soil in the post-season.

The blast gave Rays a 3-0 lead.

Rise’s platform gets hit several times a year

This isn’t the first time that one of Rice’s performers has taken part in a play. A number of hackers have been confused by the pop-ups that hit a viewing platform and either bounce in the exact opposite direction or never land.

It’s not uncommon for running balls on the platform to hit the podium, but it did happen. Prince Fielder succeeded in achieving this feat in 2013.

Like Felder, Cruz is also known for his tremendous strength. The Rays hope to ride that pop back to the World Championships, where they hope to come out on top this time.

Nelson Cruz had a controversial home run against the Red Sox. (Photo by Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

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