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At the Dutch Game Awards, Good Job! It won Best Game and Best Game Design. Falconeer won Best Art and Unexplored 2 – The Wayfarer’s Legacy won Best Sound and Best Technical Achievement.

I did well!

The jury at Hilversum praised the creative art style and brilliant look of the Dutch puzzle game, which aims to keep the company working through creative puzzles. Paladin Studios in The Hague did a good job! Together with developers from Nintendo which made the game even more special according to the jury.


The award for Best Game of Art went to The Falconeer from developer Thomas Sala. According to the jury, the world created by this developer largely on its own can entertain and amaze players for hours. It seemed that “the perfect harmony of elements such as mist, clouds and water can keep the player on the edge of his seat.” Sala won Best Art with the Falconeer.

Undiscovered 2 – Legacy of a Passerby

Amsterdam studio Ludomotion has been awarded Unexplored 2 – The Wayfarer’s Legacy twice. The game, which is currently still in Early Access, won Best Sound and Best Technical Achievement. Unexplored 2 is a roguelite RPG where you must fight your way through a world full of adventures to destroy the Yendor crew.

traffic jam

The award for the most innovative game went to Traffic Jams of Little Chicken Game Company from Rotterdam. In this virtual reality game you have to control the oncoming traffic, monsters appear and the participants can help on the smartphone to make the traffic situations worse, or just to defuse them.

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We gave up on the moon

Deliver Us The Moon by developer KeokeN Interactive won Best Debut at the Dutch Game Awards. In this Dutch game, you are sent to the moon as a lone astronaut to save humanity from destruction.

Developer Rusty Lake’s The White Door won Best Commercial Achievement, Sparky won Best App Game, and Arid won Best Student Game. Amsterdam-based Vertigo Studios received the Best Studio award while Sasha Blom received the Inclusion Award for her work on inclusion in the gaming sector. Marc Overmars finally received a lifetime award. He received an award for his contribution to the Dutch gaming industry.

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