Biden makes Trump’s shrinking natural spaces bigger again

Biden makes Trump's shrinking natural spaces bigger again

US President Biden plans to make two natural areas trimmed by his predecessor Trump larger again. It concerns areas of Utah with a combined area of ​​8000 square kilometers. The ban on fishing will be enforced again in a marine reserve in the Atlantic Ocean.

Trump was holding teddy bears at the Grand Staircase Escalante in Utah drop At the request of the state’s Republican leaders. They wanted to search for oil, gas and other minerals in the areas. Trump believes that his Democratic predecessors, Obama and Clinton, abused their power by foreclosure.

Utah Governor Cox expresses disappointment with Biden’s decision. “This clearly shows that the government does not want to cooperate or listen to the people most affected by this,” the Republican said. The state is looking at ways to challenge Biden’s plans.

Parts of the Natural Park Dedicated to Native Americans sacred. So they are very happy to expand the territories again. “We must protect these sacred sites, which are considered not only by the Hopi, but also by other tribes, as important to their history,” said Hopi chief Novangyauma.

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