Far Cry 6 review in progress

Far Cry 6 review in progress

After weeks of content about and around the Far Cry franchise and the new Part 6, it’s time to judge. How is the game? Cheer up is fun and good, but in the end you want to know if the game is worth your hard-earned money. Boris, Gilly and JJ have been working on the game for several days now. However, the game is so massive that we really need a few more days to make the final verdict Far Cry 6. That’s why Jelle and JJ give you their first impressions in this video. The so-called review is in progress. Boris will be sitting down on Monday for something that already threatens to become a heated review.

The life story of Dani Rojas in Far Cry 6

In Far Cry 6 we play as Dani Rojas. It can be a man, but also a woman. This is entirely up to you. In the world of Yara, the dictator Castillo ruled. You go into battle with him and do it in typical Far Cry fashion. By literally opening up one area after another and eliminating the “last boss” there. And here we come immediately to a difficult point. Far Cry is Far Cry. Nothing more and nothing less. Some people have finished it. Is this also the case with Jelle and JJ? Is it a shame that the game is more than the same? Is taste the deciding factor in such a case?

The game is great

In the game, we delve into the world of guerrilla fighters on the island of Yarra. How does the story begin? Which way are things going? Is it good to say? How did we end up on the gangs side? We also tell you what is our first impression of the graphics? Has Ubisoft created an attractive and wonderful world? How do you play? Like the previous part, or are there innovations. The first tip of the veil is lifted in this review in progress.

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