Expedition participant Robinson “disagrees” with the result of the vote

Expedition participant Robinson "disagrees" with the result of the vote

When candidates increasingly feel the need to take care of their skin and that’s why they aren’t always honest with each other, you know that Expedition Robinson has already begun.

Note: This article contains spoilers about Expedite Robinson.

“Obviously they think I’m too strong and it terrifies them.”

In the test Thursday night, the patience of the candidates will be put to the test. The situation was tense, but in the end, the women had to accept the loss. Meaning: island council. Let’s start lying and cheating.

Meanwhile, men and Sterrin can take a break. They don’t have to vote for anyone in this episode, so Sterrin and JayJay decided to go out together. Earlier we could see that the two got along well and that is also evident from this episode. This time the two go on an “educational expedition.” “It’s great to get out there and see something you can’t find in your own backyard every day. You really have to enjoy it,” JayJay says excitedly. : JayJay and Sterrin in nature. “

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There is a very different atmosphere in the women’s camp. They have to vote for someone on the island council and that’s not easy. “I can think of a ‘pro’ and a ‘con’ for every girl who goes to the island council tonight,” Louisa says.

Anouk fears for her position and devises a plan to save her house. She wants all women to vote for Do, because she’s never going to see that. After presenting this idea to Loiza and Saar, all she can do is wait.

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Unfortunately, Loiza and Saar already have someone else in mind. In the end, it is Anouk who gets the most votes. Her first reaction was, “I’m so sorry.” She believes that the group’s decision is not justified. “I would be lying if I said I agreed,” she says. Anouk thinks she knows why the group eventually turned against her: “They seem to think I’m too strong and they might have been intimidated by that.”

In the previous episode we could see that Jasper was voted on. As we know, the adventure is endless for the two of them, so Jasper and Anuk leave together for Afvallerseiland.

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