Looking Back: Here’s What You Want to Know About Intel’s Alder Lake Processors – Computer – Plans

Looking Back: Here's What You Want to Know About Intel's Alder Lake Processors - Computer - Plans

It’s not so much about getting the latest hardware, the average user simply doesn’t know the difference and only buys the “latest and best” in their eyes.

For the group using Windows Home satisfactorily, Windows 11 is probably not a problem at all but rather a huge improvement. Tweakers will undoubtedly also be able to make the right decision for their situation with regards to systems and operating systems.

This is mainly from a labor market perspective.
Due to corona and shortage lately, ‘bring/use your own device’ has become popular, (yuck), but these devices have to comply with policies, depending on how you arrange things, it can be fairly easy, too challenging or simply not possible later.
(even when using remote desktop, yes)

In addition, I expect a faster deterioration in the availability of older CPUs, demand is very high at the moment, and why Intel continues to produce older processors when new hardware makes more money. Slowly but surely, the eleventh or younger generation will no longer be available. Sadly, the availability of Ryzen on high-end business laptops is even delayed or canceled because AMD can’t deliver.

So I think this situation may well arise, so it is interesting to know in advance.

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