MIVD manager wants real-time Wiv supervision instead of pre-moderation – IT Pro – News

What a cold. Why search for something if you don’t know what?

You always know where and why you are looking for something, otherwise there is no searching to begin with.

You can tap until it weighs an ounce, but you must have a specific goal.

It’s really crazy that I have to defend this because I hate so much the urge to eavesdrop, but I have to say something about it. The problem is that different parties want to do different things, but they are all grouped together under the heading of wiretapping. This is technically correct, but it is not always useful to understand what they want now.

My employer has security guards walking around at night looking into offices with flashlights, you know. They are constantly looking for something they don’t know yet. The difference is that they were hired by the organization itself and not by the state, although this also depends a little on your own view of our relationship with the government. †

I think there’s a big difference whether it’s an undercover service trying to listen to people’s conversations or whether they’re monitoring for DDOS attacks or hacking attempts. It’s about the Military Intelligence and Security Service, so I imagine they want to monitor attacks on our national infrastructure. Are alien intruders trying to flood our reclaimed lands by hacking all the pumping stations? Are our power plants being destroyed all at once? How big a mess when all the traffic lights go off all of a sudden? A train hits a big station at full speed? What if all the wind models during a severe storm jump out of safety and go crazy? I can think of endless scenarios that you can’t specifically name or defend.
The irony is that eavesdropping on people is a specific goal.

Just to be clear, I have no idea what problem they are facing or what exactly they want. However, as a technician, I can imagine why you’d be searching for something you don’t know exactly yet. As a technician, I also understand that advance supervision can be very restrictive if you have to respond to current events. So I’m open to moderation during or after the campaign, but “trust but verify” is generally a good principle. I think this is also possible if it’s just about “watching”, like watching on a DDOS. It is different if action is taken because then irreparable damage can be done.

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