Busy due to the start of summer holidays in the southern region

Busy due to the start of summer holidays in the southern region
July 15, 2023

Today the summer holidays begin in the southern region and many Dutch people are once again going on vacation by car. Many foreigners are also on their way to their destination for the weekend. ANWB Traffic Information expects prolonged traffic jams in the southern direction, especially on Saturday, July 15. In France, the longest traffic jams are on Thursday 13th and Saturday 15th July.

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Haringvliet’s Bridge closes A 29 This year is an additional obstacle for vacationers on their way to Zeeland and the Belgian border. In addition, from this weekend the Roer and Swalmen tunnels will be in A 73 Closed towards Nijmegen. Work there will continue until August 5.
More information The road is running in the Netherlands this summer
Traffic information Netherlands


Liège is Belgium’s bottleneck this summer. due to road works on the ring road (E25The road to the south is close to the Quinte Tunnel for caravans and vehicles over 7.5 tons. Through traffic it is possible to get around Namur.
Traffic information Belgium


Friday 14 July is a public holiday
Because of Quatorze Juillet, many French people get the day off today. Especially on the Autoroute du Soleil, the A 7 Between Lyon and Orange and on A 10 Paris – Bordeaux is the link. Traffic jams in France will be shorter on Saturday due to the mass exodus on Thursday.
The trekking caravan will be in the Alpine region this weekend. This causes local traffic and there may be road closures.
France traffic information

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If you are on the road in Germany on Saturday, you should expect long traffic jams About Hamburg And Munich. Many “Baustels” (about 1400) also cause a lot of delay. the A 8 From Munich to Stuttgart until this weekend closed Close to Ulm because of work.
Traffic information Germany


The busiest road in Austria this weekend is A10 / A11 Salzburg – Villach – Slovenia. the Karawanken Tunnel is the biggest problem there. Holiday traffic in Austria may not deviate from the roads this summer during weekends during the day to avoid traffic jams on local roads. In Tyrol this means staying on the A12, A13 and B179. In Salzburgerland (A10) the measure applies from midnight Thursday to midnight Sunday.
Traffic information Austria

Italy and Switzerland

in Italy Traffic jams will be around on Saturday Northern Italy lakes f coast. especially on A 22 Between Brennero and Verona A4 Milan – Trieste f A 14 Bologna – Rimini Vacationers should be very patient.
in Switzerland Is it really busy on a Friday afternoon? A 2 In the St. Gotthard Tunnel towards Kiasu. On Saturday there is heavy traffic from early morning until late afternoon. The waiting time then increases to more than two hours.
Traffic information Italy
Traffic information Switzerland

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