Violinist Ellen, 12, from Bilthoven will be performing tonight at New York’s Carnegie Hall

Violinist Ellen, 12, from Bilthoven will be performing tonight at New York's Carnegie Hall
Eileen Leselotte Van Dyke

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Violinist Ellen Liselotte van Dyck (12) of Bilthoven will perform tonight at Carnegie Hall in New York, one of the most prestigious concert halls in the world. The concert is the prize she won by entering the Manhattan International Music Competition.

“I think it’s really cool to be able to play in New York,” says Elaine. RTV Utrecht. “Everyone says they think it’s cool that I’m actually doing this at my age. It feels a little weird to be here as a kid of only twelve among all the adults.”

Eileen has been playing the violin since she was four years old. At the age of seven, she stood on the stage of the Concertgebouw and participated in it Holland’s Got Talent.

Now she is studying at the Academy of Musical Talents, of the Utrecht Conservatory, and plays in the Cugnon Junior Ensemble, where young string talents from eight to eighteen years old play together. As a soloist, she has performed at the Kinderprinsengracht in Amsterdam and at the National Children’s Memorial on May 4th in Madurodam.

NOS Youth News then provided this item on the subject:

Elaine (12) is going to play the violin on Memorial Day

In between performances, she entered the “Youth” category of the Manhattan International Music Competition, and showed a video clip of one of her performances. Although she didn’t realize at first that she was a participant in that online contest. “I didn’t even know my mom had handed me,” Elaine says. “Suddenly the good news came to me. I couldn’t believe it.”

Mother Lindy Brasim: “We often try to enter music competitions. But when I got an email confirming her win in the middle of the night, I thought: Could it be a stunt?”

This turned out not to be the case: Eline won first prize in the age group up to twelve.

Vacation plans have changed

The good news dates back two weeks ago. Tonight Although the performance is on the programme, along with the award winners in the other nine categories of the music competition. “We changed our vacation plans and we’ve been here for a week now,” says Elaine. “Preparation for the show takes four days.”

“In the music world, pageants are about working towards something,” says her mother. “It’s about developing and rehearsing stage experience, not so much about collecting trophies. Those experiences are important for her to be herself and grow as the soloist she wants to become.”

A story to tell

“The violin is my passion,” adds Eileen. “I can express my imagination, stories and emotions in music. I love performing. My ambition is to play all over the world as a soloist. Then I can let as many people as possible enjoy my violin music and take it into the story I am telling.”

But first, Carnegie Hall. Is she nervous? “Yesterday I had my rehearsal and didn’t get too nervous beforehand. I do get some healthy jitters right before performances, but that goes away when I’m on stage.”

Eline last year at the Kinderprinsengracht concert:

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