Linda Evangelista takes the first photo after ‘Mutilation’: ‘I don’t want to live like this’ | stars

Linda Evangelista takes the first photo after 'Mutilation': 'I don't want to live like this' |  stars

Evangelista, who has hardly been seen or heard about for the past five years, says she “finally wants to tell her story.” “I loved walking on the podium. Today I am terrified to meet someone I know. I don’t want to live in this fear and shame.”

The former model says she has long thought she was “doing something wrong”. I have tried to treat it with diet and exercise. There was a time when I didn’t eat at all, but it didn’t go away. I thought I was going crazy.”

Paradoxical lipid hyperplasia

Evangelista revealed in September 2021 that after her CoolSculpting treatment, which involves freezing fat cells, she developed paradoxical lip hyperplasia (PAH). After several months of treatment, she started seeing bumps on her chin, thighs, and around her breasts. This is a rare but known side effect of this surgery.

The Canadian, who became famous in the ’90s and graced hundreds of magazine covers, says she was unaware of this before starting the treatment. “PAH not only took away my livelihood, but also took me into deep depression, deep sadness and into the deepest depths of self-loathing,” she wrote at the time. “I have become a hermit.” The form announces that it will take legal action against the company that performed the treatment.

As a model on the catwalk in 1991.

As a model on the catwalk in 1991.

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