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Epic Games has over 500 million accounts. The company says they will be linked together by 2.7 billion friendships in Fortnite and Rocket League. The number of people downloading the Unreal Engine is also increasing.

Developer Epic Games calls these numbers with Blog post Surrounding the future of Unreal Engine. The company says there are more than 500 million accounts on Epic Games as of January, but the developer hasn’t specified how many unique accounts are involved. The company also does not discriminate in how these accounts are used, for example whether they are players of Epics games like Fortnite or players who only have an account to download games from the Epic Store. According to Epic, the accounts have 2.7 billion connections between them. It is divided on different platforms, via Fortnite and Rocket League as well as via the Store.

A lot of these accounts come from Fortnite anyway. In May 2020, Epic announced that it is a free-to-play shooting game 350 million registered players† To play Fortnite, you need to create an Epic account. It is unknown how many Fortnite players will be set in 2022.

Epic says it wants to focus more on developing metaverse apps with the Unreal Engine. Meanwhile, the number of engine downloads is said to have increased by 40 percent compared to last year, although the company has not disclosed the exact numbers. The company said that the Matrix Awakens demo for Unreal Engine 5 has been downloaded six million times since its December launch.

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