February 1, 2023

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Microsoft wants to release Xbox Cloud game streaming stick for TVs – Games – News

And if you buy your digital games on PS and don’t put them at home, can you play your games offline? There should be a check somewhere to see if you really have the license. I don’t see anything very strange about Microsoft in this regard.

Yes, you can then continue to play games offline. With Playstation, you can download a license file that will be placed on your console, and that file is associated with your console at that time. So you don’t need internet to perform this check.

You don’t have to set PS5 as the home, this system doesn’t have Playstation. So I understand that this is normal for you because you are not used to it. But this is not the case with Playstation.

This was not the case with the xbox 360 and Xbox one. Only since string x have they added this extra drm. Which makes the console always online.

I can read your left. There is only a difference between always being online (from the developers for whatever reason) or Microsoft wanting to know if you have the game license (which is what Sony provides). And if you set your Xbox as Home, you can only connect once a month, just like with your GP. Just like Netflix/Spotify etc., it asks to view files offline.

But this is not true. Playstation works in a different way. MVG also made a video about this at the time:


It’s really the xbox series that works this way, not the Playstation.

With ps plus you get a license on your local Playstation until the end of your subscription. So there is no temporary check. Only when your contract expiration date expires will you need to go online again. But it makes sense because you no longer have a valid PS Plus subscription and you have to renew it anyway.

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All licenses are local for Playstation:


With xbox, if you remove the plug from the socket, you will not be able to start the game without being online. This is not the case with Playstation

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