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AMD may announce an improved version of FidelityFX Super Resolution technology for an upgrade on March 17th. This is evident from the leaked slides that VideoCardz has seen. The RSR will appear on the same date. This is an FSR variant that operates at the driver level.

Outside Information from VideoCardz Shows that FSR 2.0 uses time datawhile the current version of the FSR spatial elevation applies. As a result, the new version should provide better image quality than the previous one. According to VideoCardz, the slides state that FSR 2.0 should offer “same or better” image quality compared to the original image. Precision. There is also built-in talk Anti-aliasing

Although DLSS from Nvidia also uses artificial intelligence to improve image quality, this program is a file time progression† FSR 2.0 will not require separate machine learning cores to function. However, it is not clear on which GPU the upgrade technology will work. The current implementation of FSR is open source and works on many video cards, including older RX 400 cards and competing GPUs. It is not clear whether this will also be the case with FSR 2.0, VideoCardz writes.

Verse Rumors surfaced recently About a new upgrade technology that will be added to Deathloop, the latest game from the creator of Dishonored Arkane. VideoCardz now writes that this is for FSR 2.0. The site displays a game performance segment. At native 4k resolution, the game will reach a frame rate of 53 fps and with FSR 2.0 in performance mode, the frame rate will be 101 fps.

FSR 2.0 will be announced on March 17th. AMD is expected to share more technical details about the program on Wednesday, March 23. The company will cease on that date Presentation on Next Generation Raising the Level through the GDC. FSR 2.0 should be released in the second quarter.

Pictures Via VideoCardz

Radeon Super Resolution on March 17

In conjunction with the announcement of FSR 2.0, AMD is also set to release Radeon Super Resolution on March 17th. This is a variant of the current driver level FSR upgrade device. With that said, RSR will work in almost all games. As it stands, developers need to add FSR support on a per game basis. However, according to VideoCardz, RSR will only work on Radeon RX 5000 and newer video cards. Also, the image quality will be lower, because RSR is applied to the entire frame. With FSR, UI elements are still rendered in native resolution.

AMD announced Radeon Super Resolution earlier this year, during CES. Then the company indicated that the program will be released in the first quarter. The technology is only available for Radeon video cards, as it is part of the Radeon Adrenaline software for AMD GPUs.

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