Château Beegandt viewers speak highly of the Meiland family: ‘So you really don’t understand’

Château Beegandt viewers speak highly of the Meiland family: 'So you really don't understand'

Before Martien, Erica, Maxime, the kids and the dog go into luxury, they first show them what kind of luxury life they want. This is how Martien did his eyebrows. Erica is especially concerned about the food, because she doesn’t need the pasta martin. You must believe Peugeot, too. You get cheaper food.

Chateau Bijstand viewers are not intrigued by Meilandjes’ behaviour. Just draw your eyebrows quickly before you start a program about living on luxury. You don’t understand that much, I think,” writes a critical viewer on Twitter. Another person asserts that the family doesn’t seem to understand what real poverty is. You know what hurts is that you don’t notice poverty until after a while. Not after a month but When the washing machine breaks. Whether your son needs new shoes. Another person described the show as “very embarrassing.” For many people in this country, living on welfare is not a well-paid TV job that they can quit after a month.

One of them also points out that Martien, Erica and Maxime could be paid to sign up for the program. “For tens of thousands of euros per episode, I would also like to live on welfare for a month.” Then the house in which the family should live, in which the rent is paid 1,750 euros. Nice for Meilandjes neighbours, thanks to which Holland Chateau help Now it is believed that they also live in a “disadvantaged neighborhood,” one viewer wrote sarcastically.

Even before the first episode of Chateau Bigstand, there was a great deal of criticism for Meilandjes’ new show. Critics believe that the program does not fit the zeitgeist, because many people are currently struggling to make ends meet. Then Martien, Erica and Maxime will have fun.

Rob Goossens has also been heavily criticized. Explain why in the video below.

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