OMT: Mouth caps on public transport make sense, quarantine should remain

OMT: Mouth caps on public transport make sense, quarantine should remain

Due to the recent relaxation in the Corona measures, the number of infections has increased again recently. However, the high number of infections has not yet led to large crowds in hospitals.

According to the OMT, wearing a face mask on public transportation with a high infection rate is beneficial, especially to protect the vulnerable and allow them to travel safely. The group is often forced to travel by train or bus, for example because they do not have a car.

Whether wearing a mouthpiece should remain truly mandatory, OMT is up to the closet.

no more 1g

Cabinet also asked the Outbreak management team if the 1G policy could be stopped at large indoor events. According to OMT, this is possible. If this advice is followed, it is no longer necessary to test negative before visiting such an event.

Work from home, quarantine and testing

Workers are currently advised to work from home half the time and half the time in the office. The Outbreak management team advises against changing this.

This also applies to current isolation and quarantine advice. The expert group also found that it was no longer necessary for students to take a preventive self-exam twice a week.

Tomorrow the Cabinet will announce what will happen with the Corona rules currently in force.

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