Men Wanted For Dutch Alternative MAFS Australia

Men Wanted For Dutch Alternative MAFS Australia

To hire some single men is none other than Mick, who we know from last season Married at first sight, crowd. He shares a video on Instagram. “Are you looking for true love? Then maybe this is your chance, and you’ll be gone soon, just like me is married and has a view-Experience the adventure! how beautiful he is! A new series from the hit show is coming, which is based on the Australian version that can now be seen on Videoland.”

The principle of the Australian variant is the same as the Dutch version. Men and women are connected to science without knowing each other. The difference is that the pairs move together. And there’s also a commitment party, where you can always tell if they still like it, yes or no.

But of course, candidates are needed to make the program a success. And there is still a shortage of men in particular. Filming will begin early next year. Men between the ages of 35 and 45 are allowed to register. Is this something for you? You can register via RTL website.

Earlier, the creators of the program had already talked about the new season, which, according to them, should be “completely reformed”. You can see more about that in the video below.

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