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Spotify seems pretty much lost, keep adding new ‘features’ in apps, but features that have been requested by the community for years are simply being ignored. :(

For example, the option to remove recommendations or remove podcasts/albums/artists from Trends For You, Recently Listened, or one of the other 17 empty recommendation categories.
Very simple feature but unfortunately now it’s impossible so if you’ve ever listened to (part of) a podcast or even accidentally clicked on it, you’ll be stuck with it until Sint Juttemis :(

I’ve been searching for nice podcasts myself for over a year now and I’m still bombarded with recommendations. Hell even accidentally clicked on a podcast, so it took over a year before she disappeared from all those 10 recommendations. This was something with porn stories or something, so it was really nice to have a big screen when you open the app on My Shield where the whole family is :(
And before I get a feedback of “Yeah, that’s what they all say,” I listen to podcasts in the office that everyone can listen to. I have a broad interest (technology, history, science, psychology, music-related things, general social topics, etc.) but I don’t really listen to thrillers in the office : +

In any case, it seems that the basic functions have disappeared more and more and new features shocked your throat. For example, I have to see the lyrics on a big screen, but it takes several clicks to add one song to my playlists. It seems to me that something like this should have a main curtain in UX design :?

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