February 4, 2023

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Controversial comments by Liam Payne about One Direction in his podcast earned him heavy criticism

Controversial comments by Liam Payne about One Direction in his podcast earned him heavy criticism


Of all the One Direction members who went solo after the end of the highly successful boy band, his debut was the most successful. It’s just one of the phrases Liam Payne uses on the Logan Paul podcast. He didn’t have much to say about his previous group. This does not appeal to the masses.

In 2015, the One Direction fairy tale ended. Then the five members of the highly successful boy band went solo, the most famous example being the now world famous Harry Styles. But Liam Payne was the best-selling debut after the band’s end, he told himself on a new episode of the podcast. impulsive From Logan Paul.

not a billion

The first song (Stripping that from 2017, editor) Payne said. “No one on the set sold better and I was the last to leave, which I didn’t expect.” Fans on social media were quick to berate Pine and stress that he had his own interpretation of the sales numbers, as Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan were more successful right from the start than he was as a solo artist. It wasn’t a billion streams either, it was 800 million.

Another thing Payne unfairly dumped on his podcast: He’s already sold out the most halls around the world to all of One Direction’s members. Isn’t it, correct the fans. With the concert completely sold out at Wembley alone, it’s Harry Styles who takes the cake.

against the wall

His manipulation of the truth has been blamed by many fans on social media. But things got worse. Many fans still hope that One Direction will get together for a reunion someday, and Payne’s hopes for that have been dashed by some anecdotes. He told me that a band member once pushed him against a wall. “Then I told that person he would never use his hands again if he didn’t take them off me quickly.” According to fans, it’s Harry Style.

The question also came up about what exactly happened to Zayn Malik, who was rumored to have attacked Gigi Hadid’s mother. “Well,” he said, “there are many reasons why I can’t stand Zayn.” “But there are also many reasons why I should always be on his side as well.”

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