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Guerrilla Games and Sony have revealed the first gameplay footage of VR Horizon Call of the Mountain. In the game, players take on the role of Ryas, a former Shadow Carja Warrior. Horizon Forbidden West will also receive a major update, including New Game +.

Horizon Call of the Mountain features a new story set in the Horizon universe. Unlike the first two games, the players will not take the role of Aloy, but the players will meet her, Sony announces

As Ryas, players must investigate a dangerous threat in the Horizon world. The character is good at climbing and shooting and both activities can be performed in virtual reality by players using Sense consoles. In the trailer you can see all kinds of machines big and small from the Horizon games coming into view.

In addition to the story, the VR game also includes the River Ride experience. According to Sony, this position is suitable for sitting and therefore ideal for allowing others to watch on TV. Dutch studio Guerrilla Games is collaborating with Firesprite on the game. Firesprite, that last year Sonyfrom The Playroom VR, among others.

Main update of the western forbidden horizon

A major update is also available immediately for the PS4 and PS5 versions of Horizon Forbidden West. This includes New Game+ mode and Guerrilla claims it has improved graphics in Performance mode. Modifications to temporal refinement It should make the image more stable in this mode.

The update includes one uncle Send-Property. This makes it possible to maintain the appearance of one outfit while using the stats of another outfit. An Extra Hard difficulty setting has also been added and players can purchase machine parts from a new herbalist.

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Guerilla also says it’s working on a patch with VRR support, which will also include a 40fps mode. It is not yet known when these features will be added. Release Notes From Friday version 1.14 available on reddit.

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