Jinek viewers are upset by the animated story of the surrogacy issue

Jinek viewers are upset by the animated story of the surrogacy issue

“I lost my home in January 2009 because I ended up in severe weather. I endured a long period of borrowing from parents, family and friends. My son was born in February and then the question came: Where do you want maternity care? And there I couldn’t answer that,” Karen says frankly.

Then a social worker came to talk to Karen and there she told about her high debts with the IRS. Two days later, her son, who was ten days old at the time, was taken from the hospital and taken to Youth Services. He is now twelve. Karen hasn’t seen him since. A few days later, two of her other children – from school – were taken by Youth Welfare and shortly thereafter the last of her two children.

The municipality assigned Karen a squat, but because the house was considered too unsafe by the youth welfare, she did not get her children back. “They thought I was crazy, and I had to take four psychological tests. And it turned out to be a“ normal ” person. Because of the shocking story, Eva does not know how to respond: “They still say that they will not return your children? I really don’t know what to say about it…”

There is also a lot of reaction to the shocking story on social media. Yesterday we were crying jink. You don’t even know what your kids look like now. Every time you see the people behind the facts of unprecedented injustice, it becomes difficult to comprehend and comprehend.” Another viewer says: “Last night with horror I heard the story of that mother in jink. What injustice, suffering and powerlessness and this is one story, there are many. Lots of abuse of power.

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