This is how you can buy Google Pixel 6 (Pro) in the Netherlands

This is how you can buy Google Pixel 6 (Pro) in the Netherlands

Google doesn’t officially sell the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro phones in the Netherlands, but there are several ways to get smartphones here. Android Planet Lists the three most interesting ways to buy Pixel 6 (Pro) in the Netherlands.

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Buy Google Pixel 6 (Pro) in Netherlands

Google has Official Pixel 6 and 6 Pro It was announced that sales in Europe will begin on October 28. Unfortunately, Google does not release the two smartphones in the Netherlands. This is probably in part because Google considers the Netherlands a very small country. More on this in our explanation of why some Later Google products only or not available at all in the Netherlands hatching. Below we explain three ways you can buy a Pixel 6 or 6 Pro.

1. Driving to a neighboring country

from Pixel 6 employment 6 Pro It is offered for sale in neighboring countries such as England, France and Germany. For the Dutch, a trip to Germany is the quickest option to buy a Pixel device. It’s a good idea that German stores (web) use Google’s suggested retail prices and you don’t have to rely on additional costs other than travel costs. The Pixel 6’s suggested retail price is €649, while you pay €899 for the 6 Pro.

Although a trip to Germany is the easiest way to get a Pixel 6 (Pro) for some people, there are some hurdles in this method. For example, the Pixel 6 (Pro) is almost sold out in Germany at the time of writing, so it’s not advisable to guess at German electronics stores in the hope that your favorite device will be available.

It is better to buy a copy through the online store of the German electronics chain and indicate that you will collect the smartphone at the selected branch and pay immediately. If you want to buy the Pixel 6 (Pro) before October 27, keep an extra point of interest.

Top decision makers in Germany get a free Bose headset worth €249 with the purchase of the Pixel 6 (Pro). The headset will be delivered to the German home address you specified a few weeks after you purchase the Pxiel phone. If you cannot provide a home address, for example, a friend, family member or colleague, you will unfortunately miss the headphones.

2. Use the forwarding service

If you don’t like it or can’t drive to a neighboring country, you can also have your Pixel 6 (Pro) delivered to your home. You can do this by engaging a company that specializes in forwarding packages. There are dozens of parties you can consider, including Forward2Me and Mailboxde.

When ordering a Pixel 6 (Pro) through a German online store, enter the address of the shipping company and wait for the package to be delivered there. The shipping company will stick a new shipping label to your home address, and then the parcel deliverer will be at your door a few days later. Of course, you pay the shipping company a fee for this work, usually several tens of euros.

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Some points to note about this method: Some German online stores cancel your order before shipping because they don’t want to ship to a courier. This method does not always work. Also keep in mind that you just have to wait and see if the Pixel 6 (Pro) is delivered to your home in good condition.

And if you later want to claim the manufacturer’s warranty on the smartphone for any reason, it can become interesting because some German (web) stores state that the exported smartphone loses the warranty.

3. Wait for gray import

Don’t want to get the Pixel 6 (Pro) on the outside yourself? Then there is an alternative in the form of gray imports. A number of well-known Dutch (web) stores buy Pixel models abroad and sell them in the Netherlands at a higher price.

You pay on average tens to over a hundred euros more than when you get the device yourself from a neighboring country, but you also have to put in less effort. In addition, you can send the device to the Dutch store (web) during warranty processing rather than to a foreign address.

Another advantage of gray import is that in most cases you can buy the Pixel 6 (Pro) separately or in combination with a subscription (SIM only). This is not possible if you purchased the device from abroad.

Win a Google Pixel 6!

Still not sure if Pixel 6 or 6 Pro is the smartphone for you? Then check out the coverage about Pixel 6 series official announcement Or wait for our in-depth Pixel 6 Pro review.

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