The new delta variant is likely to be more contagious, so what does this mean?

The new delta variant is likely to be more contagious, so what does this mean?

A new subtype of the delta variant of coronavirus is on the rise in the UK. The British media has been talking about the “AY.4.2” sub-variable for several days, which may be responsible for a sharp increase in the number of new infections.

Some experts believe that the alternative 10 to 15 percent more contagious It is the dominant delta variable now globally. The World Health Organization (WHO) has not yet identified the variable separately as alternative to anxiety.

RIVM NOS reports that “AY.4.2” has been in the Netherlands for about ten weeks. “We see in germ monitoring that the share of this variant is about 0.1 to 0.2 percent of all infections,” a spokesperson says.

The share is barely increasing, which according to RIVM indicates that it is not a highly contagious variant. Also, the variant has not been defined by the World Health Organization as alternative to anxiety, but we will continue to monitor it by watching for germs. “Until that happens, the replacement will not be shown in An overview of the variables in the Netherlands.

It doesn’t change the rules of the game

According to virologist Marion Koopmans, it is not yet possible to determine how problematic the progression of the sub-component is. “My British colleagues have told me they haven’t yet cared about the extent of the concern, but I think we have to take into account that this will have an impact.”

“Based on my colleagues, I’m keeping in mind that this variant is more contagious, although we still have to see what exactly it means, for example for the efficacy of vaccines,” she says.

However, Koopmans calls the alternative “No game changer“As before when the delta variant replaced the alpha variant. According to her, the virus is not contagious enough for that.” In any case, we must include this in our approach to the virus in the winter. “

“The fact that new variants are emerging is something you can expect if the virus is still spreading widely around the world. It also shows that you can’t make fun of this virus. We are now in the epidemic stage where the effect is due to all vaccinations is less, but we are also looking at A winter wave is expected in the Netherlands and that doesn’t help,” says Koopmans.

Lots of new recordings

She points to RIVM’s predictions about the evolution of the virus. These still show a wide range in the expected number of injuries and hospitalizations before winter. “If you count a slightly higher infection, there’s a chance we’ll end up on the high side.”

According to her, we had better start from the scenario of making more recordings this winter. “We have choices to make and I think they should start with putting in place the basic measures. Hybrid education and work from home, these measures really help, but they seem to have worn off.”

“It also shows that you have to constantly review whether or not relaxation is possible. We will discuss this also at OMT.”

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