Matt Olson traded with Braves

Matt Olson traded with Braves

NORTHPORT, FL – Matt Olson has returned home to replace Freddy Freeman as the Braves’ first-team player.

Atlanta have acquired Olson from the A’s in exchange for two prestigious prospects in catcher Shea Langeliers and defensive back Christian Patch, 2021 Ryan Cusick (RHP) and Minor League right Joey Estes.

With the acquisition of Olson, the Braves seem to have ended Freeman’s legendary tenure in Atlanta. The 32-year-old first baseman was lured by the Dodgers, Yankees, Blue Jays, and Rays.

Instead of going into a multi-year deal that would have likely taken Freeman through at least his 36-year season, the Braves can now take advantage of the younger Olson, who scored .271 with 39 Homer and .911 OPS last year. .

Olson is a 2012 graduate of Parkview High School in suburban Atlanta, also the school of Braves broadcaster Jeff Francor. The 27-year-old number one baseman has hit no fewer than 29 home hurdles in each of the past three seasons of 162 games.

Langeliers is one of the best little hunters in the game. The potential 24-year-old has a rocket arm and hit 22 Double-A home hurdles last year. In the soon-to-be-updated club rankings from MLB Pipeline, the Langlers were close to taking the top 30 spot in Atlanta, with Patch in third place.

Patch was the main midfielder for Atlanta at the start of 2021, and is considered a future Golden Glove winner. The potential 23-year-old has struggled offensively at the MLS level, but he could benefit from more seasons in the minor league.

Cusick was taken with the 24th overall pick in last summer’s draft. The Wake Forest producer scored a 2.76 ERA in six Class A Augusta appearances last year. Estes recorded a 2.91 ERA in Augusta’s 99 innings.

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