Ron Holland, enlisted #10 in ’23, stays home and picks Texas

Ron Holland, enlisted #10 in '23, stays home and picks Texas

Texas got their first recruit in the 2023 class, and they’re big. Ron Holland, potential No. 1 player in Texas and No. 10 player overall in the ESPN 100, will stay at home.

“I can achieve all my goals at home,” said Holland, who has also visited Arkansas and UCLA as well as Texas.

The Netherlands has a winning habit. The 6-foot-8, 195-pound striker has won multiple state championships at Duncanville High (Duncanville, Texas) and recently won his second medal on the gold medal-winning U17 U.S. men’s basketball team in Spain.

In the end, it all comes down to his love for Texas, his relationship with coach Chris Bird and the resources of the Moody Talking Center.

“I grew up in Texas and want to be loyal to my state,” Holland said. “I’ve had a lot of wins at Texas State and I plan to continue my winning ways at the University of Texas with Coach Bird and his crew.”

Throughout the recruitment process, Holland forged a strong relationship with Beard, not only as a coach but as a person.

“What makes Coach Bird special is how closed he is with his players,” Holland said. “He wants his players to not only play basketball, but be men. He is very caring about others which shows a lot about his personality, which means he is willing to help others no matter what”

“On my visit, I felt like everything was fine,” Holland said. “I watched the team’s training and their individual training. It was intense and competitive. This is how I want to train. I believe Coach Bird will be with me not only during the good times but during any adversity. The new Moody Center gives you everything you need to be successful.”

This year’s Longhorns team includes six seniors and Dillon Mitchell. Mitchell, a freshman, finished fourth in the ESPN 100 and must be a talented single player of the lottery type. All this means that the Netherlands will have an immediate opportunity to influence the program in 2023.

The Netherlands is a real nuisance to the game on both sides as he is the best defender in his class and can protect every position. Offensively, he possesses the scale and sophisticated skill to make an impact both indoors and out.

Texas may not end up bringing in first-class talent. Longhorns are still chasing the number 24 Andrei StojakovicWho will announce Monday, No. 25 AJ Johnsonwho is researching the Texas and LSU Tigers before deciding his destination in November.

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