Lionsgate Expresses Interest in a Triple Action Video Game Adaptation to John Wick’ – Gaming – Geeks.

Mom, you didn’t notice then :)

Yes, John Wick is all about the action, but there is something else about it. John Wick is a longtime successful man for the Russian mafia. He managed to get out of it by completing an impossible task. He did it all for a woman he loved so much that he wanted to change his life. That was all for the movie, but I think the idea was conveyed very well. But that woman unfortunately died and the movie begins that in a deep hole, he lost the cause of his life. Then the puppy comes with a message from his wife (who knew she was going to die) that he needed something to love, and start with this puppy. That starts by pulling him out of that deep dark hole again… and then that dog is killed.

OK, maybe that comes in handy if you’re a dog lover, but I found this to be pretty powerful. It really gave the movie a bit more than any other action movie in my opinion.

Well, there’s actually a lot of violence in it and standard “cheating” in action movies (and related games) that people’s lives matter only if we get some background from these guys. They do not get into the dozens to hundreds of “bad guys” who are mowed, who also have a family, dream and I know what. But this is how it looks. If you don’t want to, don’t watch this kind of movie or play games :)

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