Mart Smeets didn’t show up for an interview: ‘Sorry, lay in bed’

Mart Smeets

Mart Smeets ignored an interviewer from the VARA guide. You were supposed to talk to him on the Harlem balcony, but the sports presenter didn’t say anything until hours later.

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None other than Mart Smeets is the cover model for this week’s VARA guide. The TV magazine contains a file Detailed conversation With the 75-year-old sports journalist in store about his rich life and career. But this talk did not come without struggle: the first attempt failed miserably.

“Sorry, lig in bed”

Lecturer Natalie Huigslot agreed with Mart on the Harlem balcony, but he failed to do so. It’s 11 a.m., but Mart Smits can’t be seen on the balcony of Harlem Café NL. Not even half an hour later than the agreed time. “He doesn’t answer his cellphone,” she wrote in TV Guide.

Mart didn’t speak on the phone until 2 p.m. “Excuse me. I’m sick. Yesterday I went to sleep and now I just wake up.”

sick old man

Mart looked very pessimistic. According to Natalie, he suggested calling back in a week to see how it goes. “Maybe an interview can no longer be given,” he added with a little hope. Because who is waiting for a sick old man?

A week later there was no white smoke. Natalie: “First he has to wait for all kinds of tests, he says over the phone. Reassure that there is no rush to miss the mark.” “Well, I do,” he murmurs, “All of a sudden you’re gone, right?”

not a station

In the end, according to Natalie, “fortunately there is absolutely nothing wrong” this turned out to be the case and the interview is still possible. She to Mart: “I hear you often think you’re dying, that you have something meaningless.”

He said, “Ah, what’s so much and how do you hear that? Whose king? From what? All pathetic men have that feeling sometimes. It’s not so bad. I’m still able to have this conversation, so it’s not so bad.”


Her interview with Mart, which he also talked about His criticism in Matthijs van NieuwkerkCan you read? via Blendle.

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