21 years in prison for man who shot Lady Gaga’s dog-walker

21 years in prison for man who shot Lady Gaga's dog-walker

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The man who shot Lady Gaga’s dog-walker last year and then took two of her dogs has been sentenced to 21 years in prison. The Los Angeles District Attorney reported that he had admitted to attempted murder, among other things, and would not appeal against the verdict.

In February of last year, three men attacked an employee of a walking service hired by Lady Gaga. The dog that was walking the three French bulldogs was shot in the chest. Two of the three dogs were moved next. They were revived two days later. The dog walkers survived the attack.

“Gaga’s dogs are not a conscious target”

Five people participated in the robbery. The value of the dogs would be the motive for the theft. French Bulldogs are highly desirable and expensive; They can bring in thousands of euros. That is why they are stolen so often. The investigative agencies do not assume that the kidnappers knew they were Lady Gaga’s dogs.

Police tracked down the suspects through surveillance footage. The singer, who was in Italy filming the robbery, has offered a $500,000 reward for the golden tip to find her dogs. In doing so, she promised not to ask “questions” of the giver of the gold tip.

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