Vivianne Heijnen: A ‘highly visible’ alderman must now exhibit in The Hague

Vivianne Heijnen: A 'highly visible' alderman must now exhibit in The Hague

Heijnen says on her party’s website that the CDA’s core values ​​are important to her: “For example, don’t look at everything from your own point of view, but consider the consequences of your actions on others and the environment around you.”

Heijnen is the only Limburg minister in Rutte IV. After her conversation with Rutte, she described “it’s good that Limburg is represented” and believes that regional representation in the cabinet is important anyway.

Christian Democrats from Limburg also think it’s good to have a Limburg minister, they say Against regional broadcaster 1Limburg. The Heijnen portfolio in particular appeals to them. For example, Limburg CDA Chairman Harold Schroeder stresses the importance of the province’s international train connections. The Maaslijn file between Roermond and Nijmegen may also be on the Heijnen tag. Diesel trains still run on this line, but the connection will be electric.


It is not certain that the railways will also be included in the Heijnen mission set. She has yet to split her portfolios with Minister Mark Harpers (VVD) for Infrastructure and Water Management. This coming Saturday will be held during the founding meeting, the inaugural meeting of the Council of Ministers.

Heenen said Harpers and Heinen had already spoken. On the possibility of her having the railroad in her bag, Hyejin said that “for a strong country, it goes without saying that public transport is well organised.”

On Monday you will be on stage with the rest of the Cabinet. Her grandfather, who was mayor himself, had already foreseen that a good political career awaited Heijnen, as her grandmother Wil Corten says in De Limburger: “My husband said: ‘Vivien will be mayor. If he were still alive, now please ignite’ Cigar.”

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