Hookwood wins USA | MarketingTribune Food and Retail

Hookwood wins USA |  MarketingTribune Food and Retail

Hookewood, in his own words, ‘showed the world what was possible by Geneva since 1888 and announced their first steps in the American market.’ From 2022, the Hooghoudt Holland Gin (also known as the Hooghoudt Raw Genever in the Dutch market), the Hooghoudt-aged Genever 5 years, the Hooghoudt Sweet Spiced Genever and the Hooghoudt Zero Zero 24 will be available in the United States. Hookwood had earlier announced that their gin would be available in the Chinese market through export company Dumilco.

375 Park Avenue Spirits

Founded in 1981, 375 Park Avenue Spirits is an independent arm of the Sacramento Company, a multi-billion dollar company specializing in spirits and wine brands from around the world.

375 Park Avenue Spirits is known for their international collaboration. Their portfolio includes JP Wiser’s Canadian Whiskey, Colombian Dictador Rum, French brands Castarède and Saint-Vivant Armagnacs, Italian Limoncello Rosie D’Asiago and Scottish Sauce Whiskey.

International ambition

Arno Donkersloot, Director of Hooghoudt: ‘This collaboration is in line with our ambition to establish Hooghoudt internationally within this diverse category. 375 Park Avenue Spirits knows what they do when setting up craft spirit brands. Over the past decade, we have seen a growing interest in Geneva and we believe our drinks are now in the US market.

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