Maaike and Jean disappointed by the low-key shows at De Moeite Waard?!

Maaike and Jean disappointed by the low-key shows at De Moeite Waard?!

Maaike, who grew up in The Hague, is looking for an apartment to renovate the house with Father Jan: “For many people it is too big a task, but this is exactly what we are looking for.” Mike says. You quickly find the perfect apartment for the job; The price of the house is 275,000 euros. After making the budget, the father and daughter estimate that they will spend around 50,000 euros on renovation costs. However, according to contractor Bob Sykes, this percentage is too low: “With 50,000 euros you won’t make it. 50,000 euros isn’t enough.”

Maaike and Jan remain optimistic and get to work on the spot, but then the house turns out to be in much worse shape than they expected. As a result, the renovation budget is much higher: “We underestimated the electrician, we underestimated the plumber, and various activities… Combined, that means the budget is slightly over budget.” In addition, the estimated time turned out to be incorrect and the renovation took about eight months longer than planned.

After nearly a year of renovation, Maaike’s apartment is finally done. Renovation costs eventually came to €80,000, so Maaike must earn at least €355,000 from the apartment in order not to make a loss. Since the housing market has changed dramatically in recent weeks, the question is whether it will work: “I wouldn’t lose money on any project anyway. In fact, I wouldn’t do anything less than €400,000, so this will be exciting.” Mike says.

The first offer is €345,900 which is startlingly low for Mikey Wynn: “It’s not enough”. In the end, the highest bid was €376,194: “I was hoping for more. But that’s what we hoped to get out of it, and we succeeded.” However, she is not sure whether to accept the offer, and Father Jean is also a bit wary: “Let’s think about it for a while, I’d like to say. I won’t jump right in.”

Mike sure did this thinking, because she finally decided not to sell the apartment, but to rent it out: “I didn’t think it was an easy choice.” Maaike hopes to be able to sell the mansion for more in the future.

Although its goal was not achieved, Maaike and Jan both think the project is De Moeite Waard’s: “It was a lot of fun to do.” They had a great time together and are looking forward to their next project.

Worth the effort?! It can be seen every Tuesday at 8:30 pm on RTL 4 and you can have a look on Videoland.

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