Alarming numbers: It’s not just low-income people who are turning to debt forgiveness

The trade union is “extremely concerned” about the increase in people with middle and even above average incomes having to deal with debt. Inflation and high energy costs are urgent, according to the annual report for 2022, which the NVVK draws on the figures of all municipalities in our country.

You fall off the boat

“We used to see that people close to or just above the minimum wage (€1,756) were mostly in debt and reported debt forgiveness, now we see an astonishing number of people on high earnings who can no longer make it,” says Auke Schouwstra of the regulation branch. “It’s a really new development that this group is also turning to municipalities for debt assistance in large numbers. We also find the numbers worrying.”

How can this be explained? “This group often falls by the wayside when it comes to schemes set up by the government, such as energy offsets and other inflation-related schemes.”

business men

A surprising number of entrepreneurs also turned to the municipality for help in getting rid of their debts last year. The number increased by 58 percent: from 2,100 to nearly 3,500 entrepreneurs. their surface.”

40,000 Euros debt or more

Last year, a total of 75,000 people knocked on the door of a municipality. 16,423 people have been offered debt settlement. The average debt is 40 thousand euros per year. This number has practically remained the same as in previous years.

The average debt among freelancers and entrepreneurs is €74,000. “But this is average, we also know stories of people owe a belly or more.”

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