March 22, 2023

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Laundry, insulation and gardening: how to keep your home cool with the heat

Laundry, insulation and gardening: how to keep your home cool with the heat

When you come home after a long, hot day, you don’t want your home to feel like some kind of sauna. With energy prices on the rise, an air conditioner alone isn’t a great option. Fortunately, Roosmarijn Knol from Weerplaza has a number of good tips for keeping your home cool, which you don’t immediately think about.

written by

Thijs den Ouden

“You really have to start on time. In fact, even before your house gets warm,” says Rosemarine Knoll. “A house has a buffering effect. If it’s too hot outside, it will take a while before your house is really warm. It takes a long time for your house to cool down afterwards.”

“In the evening you can open everything.”

Roosmarijn’s top tip: keep windows and doors closed. “I feel a little crazy because you usually do that to cool off your house. But it’s warmer outside than inside. When you open your windows and doors, you let in warm air.”

Fortunately, you don’t need fresh air at all. “When it gets cold in the evening, you can open everything. It’s actually kind of playing with the temperature. When it’s cooler outside than inside, everything can be opened.”

“Sun protection or an umbrella works best.”

The following tip is not fun, but it is useful. “Draw your curtains during the day. Then make sure the sun’s rays don’t enter your room. They warm the air in your house.”

However, such a closed curtain is not ideal. Not only do you feel isolated, but the air between your curtain and window gets warmer anyway. “If you open your curtain, all that warm air will still enter your room.” According to Rosemarine, the most beneficial thing is protection from the sun or an umbrella. You really keep the sun’s rays out.

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“Don’t hang the laundry inside.”

What you should never do on hot days like these is dry your laundry indoors. “If you hang your laundry inside, the humidity in your home rises. This makes it oppressively warm on the inside and increases the perceived temperature.”

“What people often say: When the temperature in Spain is thirty degrees, it is much better than when it is thirty degrees here in the Netherlands. This is because of the humidity. It is much hotter here in the Netherlands.” With your washing at home, you get the same effect.

“A green lawn can be a few degrees cooler.”

Roosmarijn not only offers tips for indoors, but the garden can also help keep your home cool. Plants need energy to evaporate water. The moment you have a lot of plants, there is also a greater demand for energy for that evaporation. If you don’t have any plants, all that energy goes into heating the air. A green lawn can be a few degrees cooler.”