Slot Call: AEX breaks the record |

Slotcall: AEX verpulvert recordstand

What a market, investors don’t know how to stop and raise AEX to a new record closing position of 771.80, the thousandth this year. We really lost count.

The “only” half-percent increase seems modest, but it does add up. It’s still much more attractive than the half-percent “penalty interest” that dangles dangerously above your savings: the banks set the minimum and minimum.

We can repeat the familiar tune about ultra-low interest rates, quantitative easingEmployees who sit at home and have time and money to spare: There are many reasons why the stock market looks strong. A very important variable that deserves a separate mention: the results of the company (for the most part) go through a loop.

AEX appears again on the heels of most other exchanges. The Amsterdam benchmark doesn’t do poorly at all in an international context, thanks in part to the ASML, ASMI and Besi shredding machines. Now Shell and Prosus also have something to make up for this year.

IEX in Action: The Rabo Lobby is successful again!

Many Dutch investors in Rabobank’s 6.5% certificates are eagerly awaiting more information from Rabobank about the further development of the certificate distributions.

We have good news for all these investors. However, Rabobank has met the IEX request and will pay the late payments at the end of this year. You can find the full character over here.

IEX has not requested a contribution (cost) for this promotion. We really appreciate that many certificate holders (scams at first) have become Premium subscribers. Join the club.

We hope many of you will follow suit!


Our favorite PostNL mail and parcel delivery company came in with excellent numbers this morning, but the market took it fairly quietly. This is while the group once again raised its forecast for the whole of 2021.

Investors Bureau searched the numbers and came to next analysis.

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS)

The question many investors are grappling with now: What stocks can still be invested now that stock markets are piecing together records every day. Well, pharmaceutical company BMS is a real value stock with significant upside potential (29%), according to complete analysis From the investor’s office.

Of course you can buy the stake immediately based on this information, but it makes more sense to get a Premium subscription: you can try it for three months during our summer promotion for only €19.95. Click here to take advantage of this 52% discount..

The average return per premium tip is over 25%, You can get the full list here.

Wall Street

Major US indices remain close to home in the early hours of trading. Although there is an increased activity of mergers and acquisitions, investors are not completely reassured about the positive outcome of the delta variable.

New lockdowns cannot be completely ruled out, which could harm the strong economic boom. The Nasdaq is gaining 0.1%, and the Dow Jones and S&P500 are losing a few tenths of a percentage.

America will throw money in the coming years if it is up to the Democrats. A plan has been introduced to invest heavily in clean energy, tax credits for companies that aid the energy transition and funds to be made available, among other things, for a different immigration policy. So while the US government deficit is already out of control.


You must be very bored if you still look at the picture of interest rates every day…

Source: Reuters

wide market

  • NS AEX He wins half a percent and closes on a new one ATM
  • Wall Street Takes things easy with marginal pros and cons
  • NS euro Opposite dollar: stubborn about 1.175
  • NS barely It does not give any cause for concern in setting 17
  • gold in a silver go down as well diminishing worry
  • oil: WTI and Brent down: virus fears, climate concerns, Fed diminishing
  • Bitcoin For only 1 Bitcoin ($45.8 thousand), you can now buy a very beautiful car (without advice)


  • ASMI (+1.7%) outperforms the other two companies today in terms of share price
  • Positives (+3.7%), in part thanks to some buying recommendations, a recovery path has been followed
  • Just eat takeaway (-1.3%) see some competitors smell each other
  • seashells (- 0.8%) Slightly hit as a result of the sharp drop in oil prices, but the damage isn’t too bad
  • OCI (+0.05%) Still weak despite strong numbers: Analysis by Investors Desk tomorrow
  • vagabond (+3%) Rewarded for reasonable numbers, Investors Bureau analysis It can be found here.
  • for farmers (+2.5%) Friday will come with half year numbers
  • PostNL (- 3%) They will not get a bonus for over-adjusted outlook
  • Slipping into the local market basic laboratory (- 3%) on falling oil prices


  • Galapagos: up to €56 from €73 and keep it – Jefferies
  • KBC to €83 from €80 and buy – Jefferies
  • ING Group: up to 14 euros from 12.50 euros and buy – Berenberg
  • IMCD: to €145 from €100 I would love to buy – Berenberg
  • Wolters Kluwer: to 92 euros from 71 euros and keep – Berenberg
  • ING Group: to €13 from €11 and buy – RBC Capital
  • Galapagos: up to 50 euros from 110 euros and I like to buy – Deutsche Bank
  • ING Group: to €12.70 from €12.40 and buy – JPMorgan
  • ING set to 14 euros from 12 euros and buy – Credit Suisse
  • IN group: to € 14.50 from € 14.30 and buy – BofA ML
  • PostNL: to €5.50 from €5 and buy – Jefferies
  • AB InBev reaches €57 from €62 and keeps it – Morgan Stanley
  • Advantages: to € 104 from € 117.50 and buy – Bank Degroof
  • ING Group to €12.50 from €12 and buy – UBS
  • ING Group to €14.10 from €13.60 and buy – Kepler Cheuvreux


August 10 It happened

00:00 Japanese stock market close (Japan)
04:00 Consumer and Producer Prices – July (CHI)
07:00 Corbion – Half-year results
07:00 Siyam – Half-year results
08:00 Trade Balance – June (Germany)
08:00 Hunter Douglas – Half-year results
13:00 BioNTech – Q2 numbers (Germany)
13:00 Tyson Foods – US Q3 numbers
16:00 Vacancies – June (USA)

Martin Krum is a senior investment analyst at The information in this column is not intended as professional investment advice or as a recommendation to make certain investments. Crum can take positions in the financial markets.

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