Bert breaks into B&B Full of Love: ‘It’s not working right now’

Bert breaks into B&B Full of Love: 'It's not working right now'

Burt soon explained that Romana did not give him the “wow effect”. In the weeks that followed, things seemed to develop between straight Romana and grouchy Burt. They could laugh at each other’s jokes, and Romana was also very fat with Bert’s dog.

Then Gwen came and Romana couldn’t take it anymore. A few days after arriving, she tells Burt that she no longer sees everything in Saint-Seine. “If he had spoken less at first, things would have gone differently,” Romana says. “But it’s not just about Burt, it’s him. It’s not my great moment either.” Finally, the blonde walks away with squeaky tires, after a rather awkward farewell.

When Burt is left alone with Gwen, it all hits him hard. “Of course we told each other very early on that we had no physical attraction, but we had a good time. Maybe I hurt her, that could be.”

Bert, who has been on his own for a long time, notes he has a lot on his mind. This is how he finds Gwen’s touches can’t stand it. “I can’t do it any other way,” he says in a trembling voice. “For me it doesn’t work any other way at the moment.” “I just want to finish now, it needs to be finished. Not finished. Pool isn’t clean, garden isn’t finished yet. I noticed I’m running after facts. I want to do something beautiful here again soon” No mess. To me it’s a mess now.” Then Burt howled at his dog.

Then he asks Gwen Burt what’s going on. Then he says it’s not the same. “But then you can do whatever you want, right?” Gwen says. “Yes,” Burt replies, “but that’s at the expense of your interest.” “You’re making it so hard on yourself,” said Gwen, who understands Burt’s feelings. “If I have complaints, I’ll call.” “I thought for a moment he’d send me away, but that wasn’t too bad.”

Earlier, Romana and Bert had a “hot” moment together in the sauna. You can see more of that in the video below.

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