The United States will have some electricity by 2030

The United States will have some electricity by 2030

And many countries restrict the sale of cars with combustion engines, and many of those countries have set a deadline of 2030 or 2035. For example, think of Great Britain in 2030 and Canada in 2035. If the bill is voted on, the EU will follow suit in 2035.

Zero emission cars

In the United States, those things are remarkably quiet. Last week, however, President Joe Biden filed a decree setting a definite deadline. By 2030, half of all new cars sold in the United States should be a “zero emission” car, be it an electric car or a hydrogen powered car. It is noteworthy that the plug hybrids are also calculated on zero emission cars.

The president wants to work closely with major American carmakers Ford, General Motors and Stellandis. United Auto workers, The American union of workers in the car industry, is taken in the bath. The main character in the story is Tesla, the worst opponent of the unions.

Compete with China

First, President Biden wants to tackle the climate crisis, but he also hopes to revitalize the U.S. auto industry and create more jobs. Biden wants the US to seize on China in terms of innovation and production, where the US sees an increasing influx of investors. China also currently has three times more electric cars than the United States.

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