Johnny Depp settles the assault case | gossip

Johnny Depp settles the assault case |  gossip

The Hollywood Reporter Reports that court documents have been submitted showing that a settlement has been reached. The case will be dropped if Depp adheres to certain conditions. What these terms entail has yet to be announced. The case will be reopened if Depp does not meet the conditions in time.

Depp is said to have misbehaved on set during tapings in April 2017, after he had “drank all day”. When Brooks said something about it, Depp allegedly hit him twice in the ribs. Brooks said in the indictment that Depp beat him “with the intent of causing the plaintiff to suffer humiliation.” He also claimed that Depp’s tantrums created a “hostile, intimidating and unsafe work environment”. Brooks was eventually fired when he refused to sign a statement pledging not to sue over the alleged violent incident.

However, Depp claims that his actions were purely in self-defense and that Brooks provoked others. It was supported by Emma Danoff, who wrote the script for city ​​of lies† She claimed to have proof that the incident Brooks mentioned never happened. According to her, he confronted Deep Brooks with his behavior, but only after he expressed himself as a racist towards a homeless woman.

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