King Charles gives up residence in Wales

King Charles gives up residence in Wales

The King has owned the Llwynywermod Residence since 2007, when the Duchy of Cornwall paid £1.2m for the farm near Llandovery. When Charles was still Prince of Wales, he used it regularly as a base for business visits to Wales. But now that his son, Prince William, is assuming the title, Charles won’t be spending much time in the area anymore. According to informed sources, Charles therefore decided to part with the estate because it was “unlikely” that he would use it in the same way as before.

After Charles became king, William also assumed the title of Duke of Cornwall. With it, Llwynywermod also came into possession of William. A spokesman for the prince told The Telegraph he had no plans to have a home of his own in Wales. William prefers hotels to support the local economy when he travels.

According to the newspaper, Charles regularly spends time at twelve accommodations, including his holiday home in Romania, where he is currently staying.

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