US withdraws nuclear weapons treaty obligations

US withdraws nuclear weapons treaty obligations

The US will no longer provide Russia with information about its strategic nuclear weapons, such as the location of US missiles. Such information sharing is one of the agreements the two countries agreed to in 2010, known as the New Start Agreement.

The Americans are responding to a Russian ‘suspension’ of the deal announced by President Putin in a speech to parliament in February.

There are agreements about maximum numbers

The New Beginning Treaty is the last nuclear arms limitation treaty between Russia and the United States. Putin defended the suspension at the time with complaints that the United States may have aided Ukraine in attacks on Russian airfields where strategic bombers are stationed.

Even before Putin’s announcement, Moscow refused to cooperate in mutual inspections and ignored the regular round of consultations provided for in the agreement. However, Putin said Moscow would stick to the maximum number of warships, missiles and nuclear-capable bombers recommended by New Start.

Americans will continue to follow this. They will continue to inform Russia about the test flights, but some technical information will no longer be shared. Read on site of the Ministry of External Affairs. According to US press reports, the US wants to make it clear to Russia that it is ready to talk about new agreements.

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